May 2018 Newsletter: Dense Plants | Deer

Dense Plants

How do I create a dense plant?

We are asked this question frequently and as counterintuitive as it may seem- you need to trim the plant! Even if you are trying to get it to grow larger! Plant stems will continue to grow outward and never get fuller if you don’t trim them lightly to create a “flush”. This means one stem will become two or three. This is necessary to do all over the plant to create density. Unfortunately, despite common belief- trimming the top of the plant will do nothing for the bottom. Lightly trimming a plant periodically as it is growing will create the density you are looking for.


If you live in communities that have a large deer population, you are already aware how frustrating having a garden can sometimes be!

Unfortunately, sometimes gardeners find out that the plants the deer NEVER ate last month or last year are now on the menu! This is often tied to drought periods, overabundance of rain and the birth of young- who often try anything once!

There are many lists produced by Garden Centers and Extension services that try to narrow down what the deer NORMALLY don’t eat, however, none of these lists should be taken as 100% guarantees. If you are new to the area, try chatting to a neighbor to find out what works for them and use the various lists or signed information in the Garden Center as a guideline.

Sadly, we are never able to state categorically that deer won’t try your plant. Sometimes, there is no telling what they will eat, depending on their stress levels.

There are products available to spray if all else fails. Try using Liquid Fence- which is available in the Garden Center.

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