March 2018 Newsletter: Vegetables & Herbs | Flowering Perennials & Shade

Fresh, Healthy Vegetables & Herbs from YOUR Garden!

For vegetable gardeners, green beans, lima beans, corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, southern peas, peppers, squash and tomatoes can all be planted outside around the second week in March. For our northern areas, always be on alert for a late season bit of frost that may require you to cover your young plants. Watch for vegetable plants in both store locations. Container vegetable gardens can be grown almost anytime.

The best vegetable and herb growing container is without a doubt the EarthBox that comes with its own fertilizer and dolomite. The container has wheels that make it easy to move and not only grows vegetables and herbs but can be used for flowers as well. If you already have an Earth Box from the fall planting season simply dump the old soil and wash container well. Get one bag of potting soil and one EarthBox replant kit and you’re set to go another healthy, fruitful season!

Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow and fill the air with their spicy fragrance.

Fresh chives, rosemary, fennel, oregano, marjoram, mints, parsley, sage, tarragon, and thyme will not only taste better in your recipes, but, are a lot less expensive to grow than the dried store bought herbs. Mix them in the landscape, in your vegetable garden or plant them in pots. And don’t rule out creeping Rosemary for a beautiful, fragrant, evergreen, cold hardy ground cover!

Flowering Perennials:

Beautiful, blooming perennials are arriving daily! Great Perennials including:

Geraniums, Pentas, Salvias, Gazanias, Gaillardia, Dune Sunflower, Begonias, Batface, Cigar Plant, Heliotrope, Scaeveola, Scabiosa, Heather, Blue Daze, Angelonia, Verbena, Phlox, Vinca, Lantanas, Coreopsis, Impatience, Guara, and many, many more. Whether you’re planting a border, butterfly garden, or creating a colorful container there’s so many to choose from!

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Two Great Performing Flowers for Shade:

Mona Lavender & Dragonwing Begonia are the best of the best for providing lots of flowers from spring to frost and both have been selected as Florida Plants of The Year by the Florida Nursery Growers & Landscape Association. Whether you plant them in the ground or containers they’ll certainly brighten up your shady areas.

Unlike trees and basic hedge shrubs, flowers and blooming shrubs require their soil a little richer. Incorporating potting soil with Mushroom compost or other organics will provide a great growing medium that is not only rich in humus but DRAINS well. We also offer a great landscape mix in bulk sold by the yard at our St Augustine location or check out our bagged Potting Soils. After planting, fertilize with 6-8-10 slow release Bloomer for flowers.

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