March 2018 Newsletter: Plant Profiles: Perennials


Here is just a sampling of some of the many to choose from:


Plant it and the butterflies and hummingbirds WILL come! Pentas have always been a staple to any Perennial or Butterfly Garden. They prefers full sun but will bloom in as little as 3-4 hrs of sun. Hummingbirds prefer the red pentas and often seek out this plant in the garden. Dwarf varieties will grow about 2′ while the larger varieties will stand 4′. Established plants normally recover well after winter and come up again from the roots. Enrich the soil with potting soil and fertilize with slow release bloomer. Pentas make an excellent cut flower. Pentas are moderately salt tolerant and deer resistant.


Verbenas have long been a favorite perennial in flower gardens. Use as a mass planting, borders, in containers with other plants, or hanging baskets. An easy plant to grow and drought tolerant once established. Often winters over. Fertilize 2-3 times during the growing season with slow release bloomer.

Blu My Mind:

This perennial is a new generation of Blue Daze. The flowers are a brighter blue and it blooms longer. It is a beautiful groundcover that blooms for months on end. Deer don’t usually bother it and it has good salt tolerance.


It takes the hottest sun, once established is drought tolerant, salt tolerant, and the deer don’t like it! Masses of flowers 9 months out of the year make this perennial a favorite for Florida gardening. This plant does REQUIRE several trimmings during the growing season to keep it from becoming unruly. Use a slow release blooming fertilizer in spring and summer. If winter damaged comes back quickly in spring.


Gazanias are low growing, symmetrical round bushes with colorful daisies that add lots of color to the garden! They are salt tolerant and bloom most of the year. Gazanias are easy to grow if they receive lots of sun, a WELL DRAINED soil, and slow release bloomer a couple of times per year. They are salt tolerant and deer resistant.

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