Living Christmas Trees

Would you like to have a tree that you could use for a Christmas tree and then plant it in the ground to add to your landscape? Some choices are:

Southern Red Cedar:
The dense growth and attractive foliage make Southern Red Cedar a favorite for windbreaks, screens, and wildlife cover for the landscape. Its high salt-tolerance makes it ideal for seaside locations. Red Cedar can make a nice Christmas tree, and the fragrant wood is popular for repelling insects. Its wood is strong, the foliage is clean, and the fruit is small making it a suitable candidate. Planted in full sun or partial shade, Southern Red Cedar is a fast grower that will easily grow on a variety of soils, including clay.

Carolina Sapphire Cypress:
Carolina Sapphire is the fastest growing conifer we’ve seen for making a privacy screen! Faster growing than Leyland Cypress, the Carolina Sapphire adds 3′ to 5′ per year and will reach a height of at least 25 feet. The attractive foliage is bluish-grey in color and contrasts well with plants nearby. The foliage is also extremely aromatic. It has the same longevity of the native red cedar and is easy to grow. Plant 5′-8′ apart for full hedge screening.

Torulosa Juniper:
Torulosa Juniper develops into a showcase specimen without pruning. The main body of its foliage is thick as if sheared, delicately twisted, with upright branches that emerge gracefully all around the plant, in almost a flame-like manner. Use as lone specimen to soften corners, at driveway entrances, or planted in a row on 4′ – 6′ centers to develop into a thick screen. Plant must have a well-drained soil. It is an outstanding plant with many uses for the landscape. It is very drought tolerant once established, and has good salt tolerance when planted back from the front dunes.