June Newsletter: Groundcovers & Trees


By June, your groundcovers should be spreading aggressively.  Keep them in control by trimming.  Some groundcovers can climb up trunks or in some cases-your home.  If you do not want this- keep the groundcover back at least a foot. Some very popular ground covers include, Blu My Mind, Asiatic Jasmine, Creeping Fig and Ajuga.  Asiatic Jasmine, Creeping Fig can tolerate sun or shade and Ajuga loves the filtered sun or part shade. Blu My Mind is tolerant of the hottest days and the blue flowers just pop out!

Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’


Summer heat often has us looking for summer shade! Consider creating some shade in your garden by planting Florida Maples, Oaks, Chinese Elms, Magnolias, Crape Myrtles, Bottlebrush…the list goes on! Not only do trees add to the aesthetic value of your property it can help reduce your air conditioning costs. Allow plenty of room for the larger growing trees- well away from foundations, overhead wires and driveways.

Crape Myrtle ‘Muskogee’

Crape Myrtles are popping out flowers all over the place now! There are many varieties (and colors) to choose from. Some varieties like Muskogee (Lavender) grow quite large whereas some are more compact and upright growing like Sioux (bright pink) or Tuscarora (watermelon pink). Some other popular Crape Myrtle varieties that are often available include Natchez (white), Red Rooster (red), Dynamite (Red) and Tonto (deep pink),

Always consider your location before planting any tree. Severely trimming Crape Myrtles (or any tree) is not a recommended practice. Look up before you plant!

To assist with Aphid control on Crape Myrtles, use a systemic insecticide or spray with Spinosad or Horticultural Oils. Our staff would be happy to assist if you require advice.