July Newsletter: Plants of the Month: Semi-Tropicals



Bougainvillea adds the hot tropical punch of color that we all love. Bougainvillea needs at least 6 hours of hot sun to do well and in a well drained area. Do not plant on the north side- preferably the south or southwest. There are many varieties of bougainvillea- some are extremely large growing and need plenty of space and support; some are dwarf varieties and don’t require as much room to do well. All bougainvillea are extremely drought tolerant and salt tolerant. Deer have been known to nibble now and then. Fertilize with Nurserymen Sure Gro 6-8-10 Bloomer every 2-3 months to keep them blooming.

Tibochina Princess Flower

An old time favorite used in full sun locations where bright color is desired. Fertilize with 6-8-10 slow release bloomer April, June and September for a spectacular flower show that will last from May to January. It is extremely easy to grow and drought tolerant once established. If winter damaged, established plants recover very quickly from the roots. There are two varieties of Princess Flower – the regular larger variety that can grow 6 feet or so and a dwarf variety that will be 3-4 feet high and wide.


Allamanda comes in a few different varieties- all of which have bright sunny yellow blooms. Regular Bush Allamanda can grow very large-up to 6-7 feet in height whereas the Dwarf Allamanda grows 3-4 feet in height. The larger allamanda makes a great screen however, if the winter is cold, it will get knocked back -recovering beautifully in the spring. There is another variety of Allamanda called Brown Bud- which is a beautiful vine. They are moderately salt tolerant and deer normally leave them alone. Plant in full sun and fertilize with 6-8-10 slow release fertilizer.


Ixora is a beautiful bloomer with showy flowers and makes a wonderful accent plant! They are extremely salt tolerant, so they work well on the seashore as well. Normally deer leave them alone. Plant in a sunny location and the plants will reward you by blooming from spring until fall. Protect during extreme cold weather and fertilize in spring and late summer with acid-loving fertilizer. There are a number of colors available- pink, red and yellow as well as a dwarf variety. The larger varieties grow 4-5 feet whereas the dwarf grows about 2′-3′.


Crotons are an all time favorite with gardeners because they are so easy to grow and make gorgeous containers, especially around pools! Plant in full to part sun and enjoy! They are salt tolerant and deer don’t usually bother them. Protect during extreme cold weather. There are a number of varieties of crotons- petra, mammy, and gold dust being some of the more popular ones.


No southern garden is complete without a beautiful hibiscus gracing it! They come in many colors and shape of flower and grow really well in a sunny location in your garden. They can grow quite big so give them some room however, don’t be afraid to trim them occasionally to keep looking their best. They can be knocked back some in the winter however, generally recover very well in the spring. They are salt tolerant however are “deer candy” for our customers with that problem!

Hawaiian Ti Plant

Ti plants light up any garden with their punch of hot color! There are a number of varieties available with Red Sister being one of the most popular! They can grow quite tall but are narrow growing so fit in small spaces. They look lovely in a container as well- especially around pools! Plant Ti plants in full to sun to part sun and don’t be afraid to trim them once in a while as they will flush out and look better for it. They are moderately salt tolerant and deer don’t normally bother them.