July Newsletter: Crape Myrtles, Fertilizing & Pests

Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtle – Tuscarora

Crape Myrtles are busting out in bloom all over the place!  Monitor aphid problems on your trees.  If your trees have buds that don’t open or leaves that are yellowing/browning and falling off- you may have aphids.  Spray your tree in the late evening with a horticultural oil or Spinosad or consider using a systemic insecticide to help control.

Prune old blooms from crape myrtles (if you can reach!) and it may promote another bloom.  Don’t allow too many seed heads to drop in your beds or they will create more weeds.  Keep suckers trimmed to maintain the beauty of your tree.


It is peak growing season right now so if you haven’t already done so- fertilize this month. Slow release fertilizers are the best and we recommend Nurserymen Sure Gro Palm Special 8-4-12 for all your palms, landscape shrubbery and trees. As mentioned already, your fruit trees should be fertilized right now as well and plan on fertilizing all your flowers, flowering plants and flowering trees with Nurserymen Sure Gro Bloomer 6-8-10.


Whether in your vegetable garden or in your landscape, there is more pressure from pests this time of year so insect and disease control must be maintained. Caterpillars feeding on vegetables or on fruit trees can be controlled with BT or Spinosad. Oleander caterpillars have already appeared or will soon. Control with systemic insecticides or spray with BT or Spinosad.

Spider mites become a big problem in the heat of the summer. Be vigilant of all plants- particularly cedars, junipers and cypress plants. Spray with an insecticide/ miticide.

When there is an overabundance of water, fungal disease can become an issue. Monitor how much water your plantings are getting to prevent over watering. If fungal disease is present, clean up the fallen leaves, discard and use a broad spectrum fungicide to control the spread of the disease.

As always, if you are having problems- stop by the Garden Center with a sample to get some advice!