January 2019 Newsletter: Fruit Trees | Pruning | Freezes

Deciduous Fruit Trees

Deciduous fruit trees can be planted in February. By the end of February we hopefully will have some deciduous fruit for this part of Florida, such as Florida varieties of apples, pear, peach, nectarine, plum, persimmon, figs, olives, blueberries and pomegranates.

Now is a good time to spray any deciduous fruit you may have as well. Here is a spraying guideline for those trees:

We recommend using Fruit Tree Spray or Spinosad according to the following chart:

Green Tip Stage: when branch tips show green tissue- spray tree.
Pre-Bloom: when blossoms are present but NOT open- spray
Petal Fall Stage: When last petals have fallen off blossoms-spray
1st Cover: 7-10 days after petal fall-spray
2nd Cover: Spray as needed to within 14 days of harvest- never spray within those 14 days prior to harvest.


The pruning of non-spring flowering trees may be done now- such as oak trees. Most cold hardy trees and shrubs may be trimmed at any time but trees do better when they are trimmed while they are dormant. Flowering trees and deciduous fruit should not be pruned until the threat of the worst freezing has passed (mid to end of February). Prune after cold has passed but before spring flowers.

As contra intuitive as it may sound, you need to trim plants to keep density. If you have plants as a screen for example, you should not let them just grow, grow without trimming. Light trimming the tips of all the branches (not JUST the top!) will create a “flush” of new growth which is where you create density. If you need clarification on this, either email verdego.landscape@verdego.com or call our office or stop by and we will be happy to explain it further.

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Protect plants that is sensitive to frost and freezing. Cover completely to minimize damage. Remember to take off the blankets in the morning if the temperature warms up or the plants are in direct sun. Professional grade frost blanket is available for purchase at our Garden Centers. Any time fabric of any description sits on foliage, there will still be frost burn- however possibly not a dead plant! Many semi-tropical plants recover from freezes if they are well established. Be patient! If your plants suffer frost of freeze damage, DO NOT trim them right away. This will expose more of the plant to damage. Wait until March to trim, when new growth is beginning to appear.

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