February Newsletter: What’s Happening in the Garden?

Whats Happening in the Garden

Winter Color:

Need a splash of color for the rest of the winter? Plant some winter annuals like Alyssum, Pansies, Snapdragons, Dusty Miller & Dianthus or cold hardy perennials

Roses are in bloom too! Add some Knock Out Roses or Drift Roses to your garden for year round color. By the third or fourth week of February, if no more cold weather is predicted, we will bring in many spring and summer blooming perennials and annuals.

Always to remember to enrich your soil. Flowers, roses and azaleas do not like sand! Fertilize blooming plants with 6-8-10 Slow Release Bloomer.


Consider adding in some lower growing varieties that are also repeat bloomers (spring and fall) like Fashion Azaleas (pictured below).

Azaleas are awakening this month and will put on their flower show for the next few weeks. Formosa Azaleas have large showy flowers that start blooming this month. They grow a little larger to about 4’ – 8’. There are several varieties to choose from:

Lavender – pink/lavender flowers
Red – burgundy/magenta flowers
George Tabor – light pink with dark pink throat flowers
G.G. Gerbing – white flowers

See plant profile for more information on Azaleas!


February is the month to prune your well established roses. Pruning also encourages blooming. Prune back about 1/3 of the plant and remove all suckers and leaves. Roses do not go dormant in Florida so you need to create dormancy for them. Remove fallen leaves from underneath and around the plants and keep mulch back from the rose plants. This will help reduce fungal diseases.

Prune your Knock Out Roses and Drift Roses now if they look tired and thin. Trim them back about 1/3 as well and fertilize with Nurserymen Sure Gro 8-4-12 Palm Fertilizer or Nurserymen Sure Gro 6-8-10 Bloomer. They will respond beautifully. Knock Out and Drift Roses do not need a dormant period- trimming to create density will suffice.