February Newsletter: What’s Happening in the Garden cont

What’s Happening in the Garden cont

Palm Trees:

Consider adding cold hardy palms to your landscape now!

VerdeGo has an abundance of such palms in many different sizes.  Palms like Pindo Palms, Sylvesters, European Fan Palms, and Sabals (the state tree of Florida!)

Vegetables and Herbs:

If you are a Vegetable gardener, you can still plant beets, broccoli, cabbage, collards, cauliflower, carrots, celery & lettuce. These plants will tolerate temperatures slightly below freezing but protect below 28 degrees. Cold hardy herbs can be planted as well- such as dill, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme. By the end of February, you can start your vegetable container gardens- tomatoes and peppers will start appearing toward the end of February or early March.

If you want a great reusable container for herbs and vegetables- consider investing in an EarthBox. They work wonderfully for any type of vegetable or herb. Replant kits can be purchased for those customers who already have EarthBoxes.

If you are not ready to plant your vegetable garden yet, continue to get it ready.  Raised beds are a great option for Florida vegetables or use containers for a smaller quantity of plants.  Clean up stakes and tomato cages by removing all the dirt and use a bleach solution to kill any disease that may be lingering on them.

Design and Re-Design:

If you want to create and plant your own landscape VerdeGo makes it easy!  Our custom plant signage gives a wealth of information on plant size, lighting requirements and salt and deer tolerances.  Our Garden Center staff can show you a variety of selections that will work in your area.   Things to keep in mind for the do-it-yourselfer is to choose plants that will stay the appropriate size for your area,  know the lighting for the area to be planted (sun, shade, morning sun, afternoon sun) and whether you have deer or salt issues to factor in.   Bringing in some pictures and measurements with you is extremely helpful to our staff to assist you.

Wildlife Happenings

February means the start of spring here in Florida.

Here are some interesting wildlife happenings in February:

• Early purple martin scouts will start to appear in Florida this month. Now is the time to raise bird houses or gourds.
• Screech owls begin nesting in the central region of the state.
• Ospreys will begin nesting in North Florida near the end of the month.
• Pileated Woodpeckers begin their mating season and will start announcing territories by drumming on various objects including trees and telephone poles.
• Others who are beginning to nest include: Little Blue and Tri-Colored Herons, Wood and Mottled Ducks and small Kites.
• Swallow tailed kits begin returning to Florida
• Alligators and turtles will start mating and will see nesting throughout the spring