Community Donations

Grace Community Food Pantry

TJ McNitt, President and Owner of Verdego presents a check for 32,008.93 to Pastor Charles Silos and Dottie Colletta of the Grace Food Pantry in Bunnell. 100% of Garden Center Sales from Wednesday, April 22nd, to Saturday, April 25th were donated to the Food Pantry. The Verdego goal was 20,000 dollars but due to the overwhelming support we received in our drive, the final total over 32,000.

Photo id’s:
1. Left to right: Pastor Charles Silos (Grace Food Pantry), Allynne Jones (Senior Sales is & Marketing, Verdego), Carrie Stuart (Garden Center Manager and Purchaser, Verdego), TJ McNitt (President and Owner, Verdego) and Dottie Colletta (Grace Food Pantry)

2. Left to right: Landon McNitt, Ashley McNitt, Corbin McNitt, Finn McNitt (family of TJ McNitt), TJ McNitt (President and Owner-Verdego), Dottie Colletta (Grace Food Pantry) and Pastor Charles Silos (Grace Food Pantry).