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May 2018 Newsletter: Plants of the Month – Butterfly Perennials

Butterfly Perennials There are many perennials that are available and many of those will produce flowers to attract butterflies but here are some of our favorites! Anne Marie Lantana Anne Marie Lantana is one of our favorite, easy care, sun loving perennials! Lantana is a profuse bloomer (spring till frost), that attracts many butterfly species […]

May 2018 Newsletter: Lawn Care

Grass, Lawns and Bugs! Mow at least weekly to ensure no more than a third of the grass blade is cut each time. This will also aid with the prevention of thatch buildup. St Augustine and Bahia Grass should be cut 3”-4” high while Zoysia Grass is 1 ½ inches and Bermuda should be 1-1 […]

May 2018 Newsletter: Dense Plants | Deer

Dense Plants How do I create a dense plant? We are asked this question frequently and as counterintuitive as it may seem- you need to trim the plant! Even if you are trying to get it to grow larger! Plant stems will continue to grow outward and never get fuller if you don’t trim them […]

May 2018 Newsletter: Palms & Trees | Pruning

Palms Palms are tropical of nature and LOVE the warm weather. Rooting and establishment is pretty fast during the growing season. We are often asked about palm roots damaging foundations or driveways. Palm roots differ greatly from tree roots and will not damage foundations, driveways or patios. Palms come in a variety of sizes and […]

May 2018 Newsletter: Citrus & Fruit | Vegetables & Herbs

Citrus & Fruit Citrus and Fruit can be planted now. Plant citrus or fruit trees in the warmest, sunniest part of your yard. At least 6 hours of sun per day is needed for good fruit production. Fruit is fairly easy to care for- a sunny location with about 6-8 feet of space, fertilize regularly […]

May 2018 Newsletter: Perennial Flowers | Shade Gardening

Perennial Flowers Perennial flowers come in all sizes, shapes and colors! Everyone loves flowers and now is a great time for creating a perennial flower bed, or adding to an existing one. Perhaps adding flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds would be an idea. Try planting Knock Out Roses, Drift Roses, Milkweed, Cigar Plant, Gazanias, […]

April 2018 Newsletter: Featured Plants – Trees

Magnolia Grandiflora A Southern landscape tradition! Huge, fragrant flowers stand out against the dense, dark green glossy leaves. The cinnamon colored backing on the leaves just add another striking accent to this beautiful grandiflora specimen. Mature height can reach 40′-60′ with a 30′ width. Moderate to slow growth rate first few years then medium growth […]

April 2018 Newsletter: Insects | Lawn Care

Those Pesky Insects! This is the time of year when insects become VERY active. Aphids, leafhoppers, grasshoppers, leaf miner, scales, mealy bugs, spider mites and thrips are all out in force looking for something to munch on. Keep an eye out for the orange caterpillars on Oleanders as well. One of the best insecticides on […]

April 2018 Newsletter: Trees | Trimming & Transplanting

Trees Trees love the spring season. Redbud, Cherry Laurel, Chickasaw Plum, Citrus, and fruit trees are all in bloom. Deciduous trees like Crape Myrtles and Maples are leafing out, as are the Drake and Alee Elms. Oaks are beginning to put on their new flush of growth and Magnolias will begin budding up for their […]

April 2018 Newsletter: Herbs & Veggies | Citrus & Fruit

Vegetables & Herbs Vegetables & Herbs to plant now are tomatoes, peppers, southern peas, summer squash, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, bush beans, pole beans, collards, eggplant and corn. Easy to grow herbs to plant and use in your recipes are basil, chives, dill, parsley, oregano, thyme, mints, cilantro, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, and anise. When you […]

April 2018 Newsletter: April Gardening

April Gardening Perennial Flowers are flowing into the garden center now. Perennials last several growing seasons to years in the garden. Most perennials will die back in winter and emerge quickly in spring while a few, like the bush daisy, will continue blooming right through the coldest of winters. Some like it hot and some […]

Job Opening: Crew Leader

Crew Leader VerdeGo is currently seeking highly motivated and skilled Crew Leaders. This position would be responsible for property maintenance. This position may also perform landscape plant installations, perform sod installation, participate in garden center activities, and hardscape projects as required. This position may cross lines between all facets of the organization. RESPONSIBILITIES • Supervising […]

March 2018 Newsletter: Plant Profiles: Perennials

Perennials: Here is just a sampling of some of the many to choose from: Pentas: Plant it and the butterflies and hummingbirds WILL come! Pentas have always been a staple to any Perennial or Butterfly Garden. They prefers full sun but will bloom in as little as 3-4 hrs of sun. Hummingbirds prefer the red […]

March 2018 Newsletter: Home Energy Savings | Lawn Management

Home Energy Savings What you plant and where you plant outside your home can have a major impact on the amount of energy you use to heat and cool the inside of your home. The goal is to block summer sun and winter winds and to allow access to winter sun and summer breezes. In […]

March 2018 Newsletter: Pruning | Springtime Checklist

Pruning When cleaning up your gardens for spring keep these tips in mind: • Never remove more than one half to two thirds of the foliage at one time to avoid weakening the plant. • Do not “top” a tree • Do not remove the branch collar, the portion of the limb next to the […]

March 2018 Newsletter: Butterflies & Humming Birds | Citrus & Fruit Bearing

Attracting Butterflies: Use salvias, pentas, milkweed, cigar plant, and lantanas to name a few of the perennials that will attract butterflies. Salvias will stand a little taller than their other flower friends with Butterflies and Hummingbirds feeding on their nectar rich flower spikes. Milkweed and cigar plant will be taller with pentas and lantana being […]

March 2018 Newsletter: Vegetables & Herbs | Flowering Perennials & Shade

Fresh, Healthy Vegetables & Herbs from YOUR Garden! For vegetable gardeners, green beans, lima beans, corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, southern peas, peppers, squash and tomatoes can all be planted outside around the second week in March. For our northern areas, always be on alert for a late season bit of frost that may […]

March 2018 Newsletter: Spring Growing Season | Beautiful Blooming Azaleas

It’s the Spring ‘Growing’ Season! It’s time to ‘Spring Clean’ your plants and clean up the garden before planting others! For small perennials like Lantana, Salvia’s, Pentas, Blu My Mind etc. simply trim it back to new growth at the base of the plant- taking off all the dead parts. For woody shrubs like Hibiscus, […]

Job Openings: Delivery Driver/Installer

Delivery Driver/Installer Location: St. Augustine Garden Center   VerdeGo Garden Center is looking to add knowledgeable and service-oriented associates to our winning team. We are currently looking for team players to fill the position of Delivery Driver. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring timely delivery of goods to predetermined customers on specific routes, […]

Job Openings: Garden Center Sales Associate

Garden Center Sales Associates Job Type: Full-time Seasonal Location: Bunnell & St. Augustine Garden Centers   VerdeGo Garden Centers located in Bunnell and Saint Augustine is looking to add knowledgeable and service-oriented associates to our winning team. We are currently looking for full-time seasonal sales associates who are excited at the opportunity to share their […]

Job Openings: Assistant Garden Center Manager

Assistant Garden Center Manager Job Type: Full-time Location: Bunnell Garden Center VerdeGo’s Assistant Manager for our Garden Centers supervises and coordinates the daily operation of the garden center by leading and directing the work of all employees, including but not limited to, plant specialists, irrigation specialists, sales associates, and bulk operations to maximize sales and […]

Job Openings: Business Development Director

Business Development Director Job Type: Full-time Location: Bunnell Garden Center (Serving Volusia and Flagler Counties) VerdeGo LLC is currently interviewing for seasoned sales persons to join our team. Our vision is to double and then triple the size of our landscape maintenance division and the opportunities for professional, personal and financial growth are limited only […]

Job Opening: Senior Financial Analyst

Senior Financial Analyst Job Type: Full-time Location: Bunnell Garden Center ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS • Develops, implements and maintains an effective planning and analysis capability that provides senior leadership with appropriate analytic tools to establish goals and measure the Company’s financial performance. • Develops and manages processes for financial forecasting, operating budgets, and annual capital allocation […]

Holiday Garden Center Hours

We will be closing at 12:00 pm on Friday, December 22, 2017 for our staff Christmas party. We will re-open on Tuesday, December 26, 2017. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

Crape Myrtles

This time of the year deciduous trees (drop their leaves) are starting to go into dormancy. Crape Myrtles are one of those. The leaves will be turning brownish yellow or reddish and will be starting to drop to the ground. This is perfectly normal as the trees move from fall into winter dormancy. PLEASE DO […]

Time Change!

This past weekend the time changed to Eastern Standard Time. Your irrigation system in Flagler and St. John’s County must only operate one day a week now. Odd home numbers on Saturday, even home numbers on Sunday only. With the time change – DON’T FORGET TO ADJUST THE TIME ON YOUR SPRINKLER SYSTEM!