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Jul 05, 2022

August Newsletter: Butterflies, Birds & Humming Birds

Butterflies, Birds, Hummingbirds: When setting up a butterfly garden you should endeavor to have an assortment of plants and always include both Host plants and Nectar plants.  Host plants (such as Milkweed) are where the eggs are laid and when the larvae/caterpillars hatch they feed on the host plant.  Nectar plants are plants that adult […]

Jul 04, 2022

August Newsletter: Problems in the Landscape

Problems in the Landscape There are many times that bad problems happen in the landscape and this is frequently true for newcomers to Florida.  Here are some of the main reasons for problem landscapes: • Overwatering – significant numbers of problems are caused by overwatering. Irrigation should supplement rainfall, not the other way around. Run […]

Jul 03, 2022

August Newsletter: Organic vs. Inorganic

Organic vs Inorganic Amendments There are many schools of thought that promote one type over the other, however, many manufacturers are now producing products that are great for plants in both categories. INORGANIC fertilizers are mined or synthesized whereas ORGANIC fertilizers are derived from living organisms. Many inorganic fertilizers contain nutrients that are immediately available […]

Jul 02, 2022

August Newsletter: Flowers, Fruit & Vegetables

Flowers: Fall arrives in September however; we all know it will still be hot! Some of the durable heat tolerant flowers include pentas, bush daisies, lantanas, salvias (perennial), angelonia and blue daze. Consider adding some plants for color in the shade such as hydrangeas, variegated ginger, stromanthe triostar, mona lavender, caladiums or ferns. Semi-Tropicals: Add some […]

Jul 01, 2022

August Newsletter: Pets, Maintenance & Plant Chewers

Pet Owners: Many times we are asked about the toxicity of plants to pets. The ASPCA provides a fairly comprehensive list of plants that are known to cause anything from mild gastritis problems to severe poisoning to both cats and dogs. There is also a list for any customers who own horses. Here are some […]

Jun 30, 2022

August Newsletter: Tidbits & Lawn Care

Tidbits: • Mow your grass weekly this time of year. Mowing guidelines for your type of grass are: St. Augustine and Bahia- 3.5 inches to 4 inches; Zoysia- 2 inches high. The higher grass height protects the grass roots from summer heat. • Summer rains bring summer mosquitoes. Be sure to keep water fountains flowing […]

Jun 29, 2022

August Newsletter: Plants of the Month Container Plants

Plant Profile: Container Planting Container plants are a great way to provide color in your garden or lanai, where planting plants are not an option. There are a host of great planters out there that come in all sizes, shapes and colors to complement your home or pool area. When planting containers always keep in […]

Jun 28, 2022

July Newsletter: Flowers, Semi-Tropicals & Palms

Flowers There are lots of heat tolerant flowers that will add a pop of color to your garden for the summer. Pentas, purslane, portulaca, salvias, gaillardia, vinca, angelonia and torenia to name a few. Lantanas love the heat and respond with glorious displays of many colors of flowers that the butterflies love! Add in some […]

Jun 28, 2022

July Newsletter: Vegetables, Citrus & Fruit

Vegetables The first round of summer vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and squash that were planted in March and April should all be winding down now. Some people clean up their beds or containers at this point and plant their next planting. Others try to continue to maintain their tomatoes and peppers etc. throughout the […]

Jun 27, 2022

July Newsletter: Crape Myrtles, Fertilizing & Pests

Crape Myrtles Crape Myrtles are busting out in bloom all over the place!  Monitor aphid problems on your trees.  If your trees have buds that don’t open or leaves that are yellowing/browning and falling off- you may have aphids.  Spray your tree in the late evening with a horticultural oil or Spinosad or consider using a systemic insecticide […]

Jun 26, 2022

July Newsletter: Irrigation & Lawn Care

Irrigation: We are in the heart of the rainy season so now is a great time to save water! Put your irrigation on manual and operate it only when needed. Invest in a rain gauge (or a tin can will do)! If it does not rain during the week- up to one inch- then turn […]

Jun 25, 2022

July Newsletter: Garden Maintenance

Maintenance • July is the last month to trim your azaleas.  Pruning after July may result in no or fewer spring flowers. • Plants are growing quickly right now.  Any that have become leggy can be cut back.  Trim and shape to promote fullness.  To create density, lightly trim your shrubs all around.  Only trimming the tops of plants will […]

Jun 24, 2022

July Newsletter: Plants of the Month: Semi-Tropicals

Semi-Tropicals Bougainvillea Bougainvillea adds the hot tropical punch of color that we all love. Bougainvillea needs at least 6 hours of hot sun to do well and in a well drained area. Do not plant on the north side- preferably the south or southwest. There are many varieties of bougainvillea- some are extremely large growing […]

May 17, 2022

June Newsletter: Summer Color, Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardening

Summer Color! By now, if you haven’t already replaced them, your petunias and pansies that looked so great all winter and spring are succumbing to the heat. Your garden probably looks tired and uninspired! Plant some heat tolerant perennials and flowering shrubs and your flower garden will look happy again! Vincas, zinnias, portulaca, purslane, pentas, […]

May 16, 2022

June Newsletter: Groundcovers & Trees

Groundcovers By June, your groundcovers should be spreading aggressively.  Keep them in control by trimming.  Some groundcovers can climb up trunks or in some cases-your home.  If you do not want this- keep the groundcover back at least a foot. Some very popular ground covers include, Blu My Mind, Asiatic Jasmine, Creeping Fig and Ajuga.  […]

May 15, 2022

June Newsletter: Citrus & Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs

Citrus & Fruit Your citrus trees should have flowered and set some fruit by now. As your citrus tree grows you are sure to experience “leaf miners”- little grey squiggly lines in the leaves. These little critters are harmless for the most part- just causing cosmetic damage however, if you are plagued with them try […]

May 14, 2022

June Newsletter: Garden Maintenance

June Garden Maintenance • Trim your azaleas, gardenia and camellias for the final time this month. These plants set their flowers for next year early and too much trimming after this month will result in far fewer flowers. • Mow lawns at least weekly, no lower than 1 1/2 inches for centipede, 3″ for St. […]

May 13, 2022

June Newsletter: Lawn Care Products

Lawn Care St Augustine & Zoysia Lawns Hi Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper with Dimension • Prevents weed seeds from germinating • Do not use where garden seeds or flower seeds are sowed • Can also be used in landscape beds. Weed bed then apply to prevent weed seeds from germinating • […]

May 12, 2022

June Newsletter: Plants of the Month – Grasses

Adding grasses to your landscape not only provides some texture, interest and movement, but also can add some color as well. Here are some of our favorites. Muhly Grass Beautiful lavender pink plumes adorn this easy care grass in the early fall through to late fall, at which point they become a beige color, until […]

May 12, 2022

June Newsletter: Plants of the Month – Swaying in the Breeze

Plants of the Month: Swaying in the Breeze Movement or plants that give the illusion of movement is a classic landscape design concept. Plants can be arranged to give the impression of movement along a curved path or plants that sway in the breeze also will catch your eye. Here are some suggestions for plants […]

Apr 23, 2022

May Newsletter: Color! Perennials & Hummingbirds

Color, Color, Color! At the Garden Center we frequently hear “I want to add color!” To add color to your garden, try layering in color- using cold hardy plantings with colored foliage or variegated foliage as your first layer, such as Loropetalum, Arbicola Trinette or Jack Frost Ligustrum. Add in flowering shrubbery like Roses, Thyrallis, […]

Apr 22, 2022

May Newsletter: Shade Gardening, Citrus, Vegetables & Herbs

Shade Gardening If you have a lot of trees in your garden and want to add some interest or color to the shade here are some great options: Camellia japonica (blooms Dec-March), Camellia Sasanqua (blooms October to Dec); Gardenias (bloom early spring to mid-summer); Hydrangeas – newer varieties like Nikko Blue or Endless Summer bloom […]

Apr 21, 2022

May Newsletter: Palms & Trees, Water & Mulch, Pruning

Palms Palms are tropical of nature and LOVE the warm weather. Rooting and establishment is pretty fast during the growing season. We are often asked about palm roots damaging foundations or driveways. Palm roots differ greatly from tree roots and will not damage foundations, driveways or patios. Palms come in a variety of sizes and […]

Apr 20, 2022

May Newsletter: Grass, Lawns & Bugs

Grass, Lawns and Bugs! • Mow at least weekly to ensure no more than a third of the grass blade is cut each time. This will also aid with the prevention of thatch buildup. St Augustine and Bahia Grass should be cut 3”-4” high while Zoysia Grass is 1 ½ inches and Bermuda should be […]

Apr 19, 2022

May Newsletter: Plants of the Month – Perennials

Plants of the Month – Perennials for Butterflies There are many perennials that are available and many of those will produce flowers to attract butterflies but here are some of our favorites! Anne Marie Lantana Anne Marie Lantana is one of our favorite, easy care, sun loving perennials! Lantana is a profuse bloomer (spring till […]

Mar 25, 2022

April Newsletter: What’s Blooming? Time to Fertilize

April Gardening What’s Blooming? Citrus are blooming, fragrant Confederate Jasmine vine should start any day now, Nikko Blue Hydrangeas, with their large, mop head flowers of blue or pink depending on the soil’s pH, Orange Bird of Paradise with their colorful orange and blue bird like flower, Coral Honeysuckle vine that will attract lots of […]

Mar 24, 2022

April Newsletter: Fruit & Veggies, Semi-Tropicals

Got Deer? There are many, many lists of plants that are produced by extension services and garden centers such as ours. These list plants that are USUALLY deer resistant.  However, none of these lists should be taken as a guarantee. What was not on the menu last year may very well be on the menu this […]

Mar 23, 2022

April Newsletter: Trees, Trimming & Transplanting

Trees love the spring season. Redbud, Cherry Laurel, Chickasaw Plum, Citrus, and fruit trees are all in bloom. Deciduous trees like Crape Myrtles and Maples are leafing out, as are the Drake and Alee Elms. Oaks are beginning to put on their new flush of growth and Magnolias will begin budding up for their signature […]