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Sep 13, 2021

October Newsletter: Plants of the Month

Plants of the Month: Fall Color This time of year our thoughts turn to fall decorating and color for our homes! There are many ways to accomplish this. Mums Mums are the most popular potted plants during the Fall holidays because of their bright colors and easy care. Whether you add a bale of hay, […]

Sep 12, 2021

October Newsletter: Lawn Care

Lawn Care October is a key month for lawn care as many lawns are stressed from the summer. See the lawn care guide for this month below. Fall is a good time to sod or use plugs to fill in bare areas as well. In shaded areas that do not support good grass, consider using […]

Sep 11, 2021

October Newsletter: Pruning & Water Regulations

Pruning: In early fall finish pruning and grooming trees and perennials. Pruning time for azaleas, camellias, bougainvillea, gardenias and poinsettias has past. Water Regulations: Cooler weather and Eastern Standard Time also bring changes in watering. Even though it is not as hot and plants don’t require as much water, watering is still needed- just more […]

Sep 10, 2021

October Newsletter: What to Plant?

What to Plant? “Trees are Planet Coolers” Recently a forum was held at the University of Florida Gainesville campus on trees and their impact on the urban area. Concrete or hard surfaces radiate a lot more heat than greenery, and trees are an important component in capturing carbon, which is linked to Global Warming. A […]

Sep 09, 2021

October Newsletter: What’s Blooming?

What’s Blooming? Look for hardy mums in October. These Hardy Garden Mums make fall decorating a breeze and after the holidays plant them out in the garden amongst other plants where they’ll bloom again in spring and fall. Winter Cassia is another favorite for the fall season with blooms from October through Christmas. Bright, golden […]

Balcony Gardens Featured Image
Sep 08, 2021

Balcony Gardens

We are not all blessed with large yards to landscape and fill with beautiful plants.  Some of our customers have just a balcony or an area they can hang a basket or two. To that end, here are some great suggestions for those customers. Hanging baskets or container plants require the same type of care as […]

Sep 08, 2021

October Newsletter: Citrus & Veggies

Citrus & Fruit You may also be experiencing fruit drop on citrus. This is common as citrus have three times per year when they may shed a few fruit early. Once, immediately after flowering in spring, June and again in fall. The tree will sometimes shed a few fruit if it has too many to […]

Sep 07, 2021

October Newsletter: Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips: The first thing to do is evaluate, clean up and remedy any disease, pest or hurricane related problems on existing landscape. It was a long, hot summer and with an abundance of rain that may have created some fungus and disease problems Check your plants and treat if needed with Copper Fungicide or […]

Aug 22, 2021

September Newsletter: Plants of the Month

What will be blooming in the fall? Pink Muhly Grass Muhly Grass is one of the BEST grasses to use in the landscape! It is very symmetrical with a fine texture that gently sways in the breeze. This tough Native will tolerate drought and flooding making it suited for wetland sites as well as beach […]

Aug 21, 2021

September Newsletter: Lawn Care

September Lawn Calendar St Augustine and Zoysia F-Stop A granular product that contains Eagle® fungicide that provides a systemic protectant and curative fungicide. During the warm, rainy months protects your lawn from: • Anthracnose • Red Thread • Septoria Leaf Spot • Brown Patch • Copper Spot • Dollar Spot • Fusarium Blight • Leaf […]

Aug 20, 2021

September Newsletter: Citrus & Vegetables

Citrus & Fruit Citrus can still be planted in September.  There is still plenty of time for roots to get established before the winter cool. Mature fruit trees should be laden with fruit now. Some fruit trees may be laboring under the burden of the fruit.  Prop up limbs or remove some of the fruit […]

Aug 19, 2021

September Newsletter: Trees & Palms

Trees & Palms Fall is a great time to plant trees such as Oaks, Crape Myrtles, Elms, Magnolias and Hollies. The heat isn’t as bad and rain fall is normally good this month for rooting and establishment. Even though top growth may not occur during the fall and winter months, roots will grow and when […]

Aug 18, 2021

September Newsletter: Gardening Tips

Problems with Turf       With the rain and high humidity, we have seen so far this summer, we have seen lots of issues with fungal disease, not only on plants but also on grass. Here are some of the main problems we have seen with grass particularly. This summer has been our usual wet one and […]

Aug 17, 2021

September Newsletter: Fall Blooming

Fall Blooming What are some of the prettiest plants for fall and winter blooms?  *Native Muhly grass will begin blooming with pink plumes by the end of the month.  Cassia begins blooming in October with bright yellow flowers that persist through to Christmas.  Sasanqua Camellias are in full bud now and will bloom in October […]

Sandspurs in Grass Featured Image
Aug 17, 2021

Sandspurs in Grass

Sandspurs are a Summer Annual that will appear in your grass in the springtime after it as been killed off in the winter. Sandspurs need to be treated early in the year with a Pre-Emergent such as Dimension (Weed and Grass Stopper) See our lawn calendar guide: These weeds will throw hundreds of seeds […]

Giftcards! Featured Image
Aug 10, 2021


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Pests & Disease Featured Image
Aug 04, 2021

Pests & Disease

Insects are very active now. Aphids and chili thrips will suck the life right out of your plants, causing them to thin out, have yellowing and spotted leaves and leaf tips and buds will look small and shriveled. Spinosad is an excellent natural product for Thrips as well as Horticultural Oils for aphids, however, remember […]

Jul 21, 2021

August Newsletter: Plants of the Month

Plant Profile: Container Planting Container plants are a great way to provide color in your garden or lanai, where planting plants are not an option. There are a host of great planters out there that come in all sizes, shapes and colors to complement your home or pool area. When planting containers always keep in […]

Jul 20, 2021

August Newsletter: Tidbits & Lawn Care

Tidbits: • Mow your grass weekly this time of year. Mowing guidelines for your type of grass are: St. Augustine and Bahia- 3.5 inches to 4 inches; Zoysia- 2 inches high. The higher grass height protects the grass roots from summer heat. • Summer rains bring summer mosquitoes. Be sure to keep water fountains flowing […]

Jul 19, 2021

August Newsletter: Pets, Maintenance & Plant Chewers

Pet Owners: Many times we are asked about the toxicity of plants to pets. The ASPCA provides a fairly comprehensive list of plants that are known to cause anything from mild gastritis problems to severe poisoning to both cats and dogs. There is also a list for any customers who own horses. Here are some […]

Jul 18, 2021

August Newsletter: Flowers, Vegetables & Fruit

Flowers: Fall arrives in September however; we all know it will still be hot! Some of the durable heat tolerant flowers include pentas, bush daisies, lantanas, salvias (perennial), angelonia and blue daze. Consider adding some plants for color in the shade such as hydrangeas, variegated ginger, stromanthe triostar, mona lavender, caladiums or ferns. Semi-Tropicals: Add some […]

Jul 17, 2021

August Newsletter: Organic vs. Inorganic

Organic vs Inorganic Amendments There are many schools of thought that promote one type over the other, however, many manufacturers are now producing products that are great for plants in both categories. INORGANIC fertilizers are mined or synthesized whereas ORGANIC fertilizers are derived from living organisms. Many inorganic fertilizers contain nutrients that are immediately available […]

Jul 16, 2021

August Newsletter: Problems in the Landscape

Problems in the Landscape There are many times that bad problems happen in the landscape and this is frequently true for newcomers to Florida.  Here are some of the main reasons for problem landscapes: • Overwatering – significant numbers of problems are caused by overwatering. Irrigation should supplement rainfall, not the other way around. Run […]

Jul 15, 2021

August Newsletter: Butterflies, Birds & Humming Birds

Butterflies, Birds, Hummingbirds: When setting up a butterfly garden you should endeavor to have an assortment of plants and always include both Host plants and Nectar plants.  Host plants (such as Milkweed) are where the eggs are laid and when the larvae/caterpillars hatch they feed on the host plant.  Nectar plants are plants that adult […]

Crab Grass in St. Augustine Grass Featured Image
Jul 06, 2021

Crab Grass in St. Augustine Grass

You may not even notice you have crab grass until you see large brown spots in your grass during the winter as it is a common summer weed that dies off in the winter.  It is a common summer annual and unless you manage it early, you may need to tolerate it. Crab grass is […]

Spider Mites Featured Image
Jun 15, 2021

Spider Mites

These tiny sucking pests can quickly wreak-havoc on indoor and outdoor gardens. Many species of the spider mite (family: Tetranychidae), so common in North America, attack both indoor and outdoor plants. They can be especially destructive in greenhouses. Spider mites are not true insects, but are classed as a type of arachnid, relatives of spiders, […]

Palm Selection & Care Featured Image
Jun 09, 2021

Palm Selection & Care

Palm Selection and Care Selecting the right palm for the right place is the first step in maintaining a healthy palm. Know how tall your palm you would like, will grow. Often palms are planted too close to buildings and then the fronds are sitting on the house or roof. This provides are great way […]

Jun 06, 2021

July Newsletter: Plants of the Month: Semi-Tropicals

Semi-Tropicals Bougainvillea Bougainvillea adds the hot tropical punch of color that we all love. Bougainvillea needs at least 6 hours of hot sun to do well and in a well drained area. Do not plant on the north side- preferably the south or southwest. There are many varieties of bougainvillea- some are extremely large growing […]