April 2019 Newsletter: Trimming & Transplanting | Lawn Care

Trimming and Transplanting

Prune spring flowering plants like Camellias, Azaleas, Spirea and Indian Hawthorn after they have finished flowering. Camellias should not be trimmed any more after the spring and azaleas can be trimmed up to about July then very little as these plants set their buds for the following year very early.

If you need to divide or move plants- now is the perfect time to do so. Larger plants or trees should be “root trimmed” prior to moving. Use a sharp shovel to dig a circle around the plants just to break through the roots. Plan on doing this about a week to ten days prior to moving it. Doing this will allow the small root hairs to regenerate a little prior to being relocated. Having the area where the transplant is going ready PRIOR to moving it is crucial for success. When replanting, insure the plant is planted at the same depth as previously planted- at or above ground level. WATER, WATER, WATER after transplanting is extremely important. Do not fertilize right away- wait 4 to 6 weeks after replanting.

Lawn Care:

If no rain, water twice per week, putting down no more than ¾”-1” of water per week. This includes any rain we may receive. Excess watering leads to more problems than under watering does!

Mow to ensure that no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is cut at a time.
• Cut St. Augustine Grass 3 ½-4”
• Cut Bahia Grass 3”-4”
• Cut Zoysia Grass 2”

Add mulch to flower beds, shrubs and trees to a depth of 2”. Do not mulch around citrus trees.

Turf grass fertilizer can be applied early in the month (See Lawn Calendar). After mid- April, most weed and feed products should not be applied. Wait until cooler fall weather.

Now is also the perfect time to repair dead or damaged spots in your lawn. Make sure new sod gets watered! First 7-10 days- 5 minutes- twice per day; Next 7-10 days, once per day; next 7-10 days- every other day; 3-4 weeks after planting: 1-2 times per week putting down about ½ inch of water.

What to Do In the Lawn

For St Augustine, Zoysia and Bahia Grass:

Lawn Food plus Iron

• Contains Micronutrients, Iron and Sulfur
• Deep, green lush lawn in 2 weeks
• Can be applied every 3 months (if you like to mow!)
• Water immediately after application.
• Will stain driveways and sidewalks – Sweep back onto lawn (do not hose off)

A good all-around lawn food with iron for fast immediate greening on all types of lawns. The iron in the product is chelated for fast, long lasting green-up of the lawn. It contains two types of Nitrogen, which allow for quick greening and slow release for long term stable growth.

• Controls insects on turf and ornamentals.
• A systemic insecticide applied as a soil treatment only and is translocated upward within the plant.
• Controls Grubs, Mole Crickets and the larvae of European Crane Fly, Green June Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Billbugs and other listed on label.