Plant of the Month: Frost FREE Gardenia

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Plant of the Month

Frost Proof Gardenia

Frost Proof Gardenia

Old gardenia plants are insect prone and finicky. Your soil can’t be too moist or too dry. Then the occasional late frost comes and wipes out your blooms for the whole season. New Frost Proof Gardenias are unaffected by cold snaps and are easy care once established.

They adapt to a variety of soil conditions… do great in full sun or partial shade… and resist insects and disease.  Frost Proof won the “2007 Garden Writers Best Plants Award”.  They’re just as beautiful as they are tough. Lots and lots of fragrant flowers spring through summer that last longer after being cut than old Gardenia varieties. Frost Proof also makes a great evergreen foundation hedge. Bushy and well branched, they look great pruned or left natural.  Zone 6-9.

Available in 3 gal Reg $12.99  VIG Special Price $9.99

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