Cold Hardy Canary Island Date Palm

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Canary Island Date ‘Pineapple’ Palm

Zone: 8b – 11 (19 F)
Typical Height: 20’-30’
Growth Rate: Very Slow
Habit: Solitary Trunk
Light: Full Sun
Salt: Medium


One of the most popular of all palms is the Canary Island Date! Beautiful, large growing majestic palms that makes a grand statement in the landscape. Often called the ‘Pineapple’ palm because in it’s youth it has a pineapple shape. As it matures the ‘pineapple’ base eventually becomes the nut at the top of the tree just below the the long, sweeping dark green leaves that create a large canopy. Adequate space for these large growing palms is an important factor to consider. Spread alone can be 20’ before they become tall enough to clear driveways and house walls. Use anywhere in the landscape where room is adequate.

*Special Note:

Canary Island Date palms are certainly not a maintenance free palm. Weak, nutrient deficient palms can become very susceptible to palmetto weevil damage and possible death to the tree. A stringent fertilizer regiment 3 times yearly, spring, summer and fall with the Nurserymen’s Sure Gro 8-4-12 palm fertilizer is vital. Even seemingly healthy trees are sometimes attacked by palmetto weevil larvae that silently eat away at the heart bud of the palm until the top of the palm collapses resulting in death for the tree. Although no treatment is 100%, chances of having a beautiful, healthy palm are pretty good using a systemic soil drench containing Imidacloprid twice yearly, spring and late summer, and, a crown drench twice yearly of 4-5 gallons poured into the heart of the tree with Imidacloprid or Bifenthrin is recommended. Applying the insecticide with a sprayer WILL NOT adequately get enough of the product down into and around the heart to kill the larvae.

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