January Plants of the Month: The Viburnums

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January’s Plants of the Month are lush, green, hardy and all from the same family – Viburnums

Most of our customers know the plant viburnum but usually are only familiar with the large growing viburnum odo. Did you know there are actually four different varieties of Viburnums that are fairly readily available for our area? All four perform slightly differently and can be used in a variety of ways.

Viburnum Odo

Where complete screening is wanted for privacy or noise control Sweet Viburnum or viburnum odo, is one the best options. It is a very fast growing plant and will stay full from top to bottom when it receives at least 5 hrs of full sun. These plants grow quite large and are NOT recommended for home foundation plantings where they will cover windows, grow into eaves, or with constant pruning become bare at the bottom with large, heavy trunks. Plant them 3’-4′ on centers for dense screening. They are evergreen and cold hardy.

Viburnum Suspensum

Viburnum Suspensum is a reliable and trouble free evergreen shrub that can be used on side walls, foundation plantings, or as a medium sized hedge. When planted 3 ft on centers they will grow together and have a pleasing appearance all year. Suspensum is one of the very best of the neat, manicured trimmed hedges that stays full – top to bottom – with 2-3 prunings per year. It is a moderately fast grower, evergreen and cold hard and has white flowers in the spring.

Walter’s Viburnum Dwarf

Walter’s Viburnum is a native plant to Florida and this dwarf variety has become a VerdeGo favorite! It’s dense, compact; growth habit with dark green foliage against small, snowy- white flowers makes it a perfect choice where smaller plants are needed. Whether used as a border, layered in front of larger plants or in a grouping, you’ll love this easy care plant. Cold hardy, will tolerate some wetness, and is drought tolerant once established. Flowers appear throughout the year- even in late fall and winter.

Mrs. Schillers Vibrunum

Mrs. Schillers Viburnum is a small, neat, evergreen, densely vegetated shrub with a twiggy crown, small leaves, and a showy flowering period that occurs nearly year round. Little shaping is required –it grows somewhat upright. It can serve as an unpruned natural screen or can be used in a more formal garden. It is an excellent choice for difficult areas such as parking lots, road and power line rights-of-way, and highway medians. It grows to about 4 feet.

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